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Who We Are

One of the few Acoustic Luthier Schools in the greater North Shore.

  • We are Luthiers - builders of stringed instruments - specializing in Acoustic Guitars.

  • Detail oriented - encouraging students to impart their ideas into the build of a fully completed, finished guitar.

  • Working in an environmentally controlled shop


Experience RockinHorse Guitars and what we do

We teach traditional methods in acoustic steel string guitar building.  Starting by establishing the type of music the student plays then selecting the materials best suited and ultimately the body style that best delivers the expected outcome.  Expected build time to complete a guitar with finish is ~ 200 hours. This works out to be about a year coming once a week for a 4 hour session. 


Complete materials: Back, Side, Soundboard and Gear Tuners can be purchased for ~ $400.00.  It is not recommended for a first build to choose exotic woods as some can be more challenging for the new student.  Materials are purchased via several potential websites; we can help provide this info.

Private Classes

Private classes are $5500.

During the pandemic all classes are reduced to Semi Private rate.

Semi Private

Semi Private classes are $3500.
During the pandemic all classes are private.

Is it difficult to build a guitar?

This is a loaded question one that I get asked frequently.  I believe the underlying elements for building is patience and the ability to follow instruction.  Where I apprenticed we had a full spectrum of students; from a 13 year old to Doctors and pretty much everyone in between.  All followed the instructions and completed beautiful looking guitars and exceptional playing guitars.
Power tools are used but students do not have to use them.  Anything the student is not comfortable with can be completed by the instructor.

Contact Us

10 Bettencourt Road, Middleton MA 01949


Prior build photos

Photos to be uploaded asap.  For those interested in viewing some of the processes.

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